Easy, Lightweight, Summer Makeup Look

Welcome back everyone, if you are new thank you for checking out my page! Today I am going to be sharing with you my summer makeup routine. It took me a lot of playing around with different products to finally find a routine that was lightweight yet still flattering for the summer. Now that I have finally found it I wanted to share it with everyone! I hope you enjoy!

I have linked all products for you throughout this post. Click the caption in the pictures to take you directly to the products!

bareMinerals Face Products

Okay, lets start with the product that changed the game for me. I used to use bareMinerals way back when I first started to use makeup but then let it go. Just recently though I was in Ulta and I randomly decided to give their products a try. I can honestly say I fell back in love. I was struggling with traditional foundation because I felt it made me look older and very caky. I will be the first to admit that my face looked way to much (LOL). This product though is so lightweight, easy to apply and gives you a more youthful look. It is a tinted moisturizer that gives you the perfect balance between covering up blemishes and also feeling like you barely have any makeup on your face.

With the good though there is always a drawback and I want to be completely honest about the products that I show especially when hard earned money is on the line. This product is a moisturizer with SPF in it which means there is a slight smell of sunscreen that I do notice throughout the day. Also since it is moisturizer based, you will notice it looks very dewy. If that is what you are into then great, this product is perfect! But if you are not into the super dewy look, I easily combat this issue by setting my face with a setting powder. It will make it very matte which is what I love. I am not a dewy loving gal, so the fact that it still works for me speaks volumes to the product.

The primer is also an amazing product. If you know me you know I am pretty obsessed with skin care and this product has SPF 30 in it and protects from blue light, how awesome? Being exposed to the sun everyday (even when it is cloudy) could really speed up the aging process in your face. You should be wearing sunscreen every day! I love that the bareMinerals line promotes proper skin care, huge plus in my book. Again, this product will give you that slight sunscreen smell, but for me it is a small price to pay to protect your skin. I am interested in trying more products with SPF, so if you know of anything good definitely recommend it below.

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder

This is the finishing powder I use to make my foundation look more matte. Super affordable and does an amazing job. I cannot even tell a difference between this one and my expensive ones! Save money people.

Hollywood Flawless Filter Highlighter

The highlighter that I use every single day is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter Highlighter. This product is perfect for every day simple makeup looks. As you can see in the picture below, it gives you a nice glow without making you look blinding. I love a good highlight do not get me wrong, but when I am at work I am not trying to make my patients blind by my highlight, lol.

If I am looking for a more pink/opal highlight I use shade three. If I am going for a more bronzed/brown look I use the shade five.

The fun part about this product is that it doubles as a highlight or primer. If you love that glow/dewy look you can use this all over your face as a primer. Or you can just use it for a subtle highlight like I do.

How to use:

If you are using it to prime, put it under your foundation. If you are using it as a highlight, put it over your foundation. If you want to optimize it, put it under and over. When you use this over your foundation, make sure your foundation is completely dry or else you’ll end up wiping foundation off. Dabbing with your finger is what I find works best for application.

Blush and Bronzer Baby


When it comes to blush and bronzer, I have been trying to make it as simple as possible. I like my every day routine to be quick and under 15 minutes. Normally, if I am going out I will contour but for every day I have just been using the Patrick Starrr Mac bronzer. This is a limited edition and I feel bad mentioning it but I am going to link a similar Mac shade that would work just as well! I really love this shade, it is not muddy or to dark for my skin tone and that is my best advice for bronzers. I used to always think darker is better!!! But after looking through pictures I quickly realized that it was not cute and my face looked like mud quite literally. You want to pick a shade that suites your skin tone with a bit of warmth to it. That is what I find gives me the best bronze.


For blush I will start out with the Laura Geller Blush-n-brighten. I found this at the beginning of the summer and it has been such an amazing addition to my routine. This blush has a nice shimmer and bronze to it as well making it extremely easy to blend with the rest of your bronzer. It is the perfect product to bring together your contour and highlight.

Lastly, for the apples of my cheeks I apply my all time favorite Kylie Cosmetics blush from her Christmas collection. It is the prettiest shade of pink and perfectly subtle for a daytime look. Luckily she has made this available again on her website! I will link it below.

Huda Beauty Nude Palette

The Nude Palette, by Huda Beauty should be every light eyed persons favorite palette. Ever since I was younger, I would always use those little three stepped kits from the drug store for your specific eye color and they were always cranberry/pinks, but since then I could never find a palette that included them all. This palette is everything I have ever been searching for. It has all the prettiest cranberry/pink toned colors that compliment light eyes so nicely. My sister just used this palette for the first time the other day and she was like I have to get it right now!

For this look I just used one color in my crease (keeping it simple for this every day look). I used tickle in my crease and then used a black liquid liner and mascara to finish it off. I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to this palette and creating a look so stay tuned for that.

Nude Huda Beauty Palette

Thank you so much for reading this post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Debbie
    August 6, 2019 / 5:48 pm

    What lipstick did you use?

    • Marissa Elise
      October 22, 2019 / 3:53 pm

      I just used a shine gloss from CVS

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