WELCOME BACK BABES? Today I have for you my amazing face routine that is my absolute go to for a night out.  The products I am going to share with you today are life savers and give my skin a flawless finish.  I am excited to share this with you so let’s jump right into it!


First things first is a primer and let me say, I die for this primer. Side note: I realize there is no cap on my primer, I lost it and have no idea where it went.

Apply this foundation primer all over your face before foundation application and you will notice such a difference in the foundations finish. When you use a pore minimizer primer it will blur out your flaws creating a mattifying finish that in return, reduces the appearance of your pores.  I apply one coat all over my face, let it dry, then for a maximum blur effect, I apply a second coat over wherever my pores are the worst.  Usually that ends up being my cheeks and nose.  This primer dries almost instantaneously, which is an awesome feature to this product.  

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Ladies, what is better than one primer? TWO PRIMERS.  While two primers is not necessary, I like to use this second primer after the pore minimizer because the two together make a beautiful pair.  The skin perfector primer adds a nice dewy glow to the skin to compliment the blurring effects of the pore minimizer.  Maybe this is a little extra, but I believe this combo works nicely! While the primer is nice on its own, you do not get the blurring effect.  I apply one coat of this all over my face emphasizing the areas where I like to have a little more glow.  Those areas are my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and center of my forehead.  One pump of this product on your fingertips is plenty.  If you use too much of this product, it can make you look too shiny.  Playing around with this primer is your best bet to see how much or how little you need to use for the perfect glow.

If something seems a little off in the appearance of your pores or face lines in your current makeup routine, I highly recommend trying this strategy. If it works, it’s an easy addition to any makeup routine!

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MORPHE M439 ($14.00)

The strength of this foundation is stated clearly in the title…ULTIMATE COVERAGE.  I just recently tried this foundation and wow was I shook to the core!  I would not recommend this one for everyday use, because it is FULL COVERAGE. I love this foundation for special occasions because it color corrects my naturally red face and hides every blemish or flaw my face might have.  A negative to this foundation is that it is a “cake your face” foundation so if you do not like a thick coverage this might not be for you. It dries nicely, but you will definitely know you are wearing the foundation.  Helpful tip, it dries fast, so move quick when applying this or blending can be somewhat of a pain.  Overall, I think this is one of the best full coverage foundations I have come across and if you are looking for a specific foundation for going out or for special occasions, I can not recommend this foundation enough.

Note: The second picture shows how color correcting this foundation is.  I suffer from naturally red skin and this foundation totally takes that all away.  You can also see how nicely it covers up all the red bumps on my cheeks! I pull this down onto my neck and chest as well.

To blend, I use the Morphe M439.

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This contour kit is absolutely amazing. Cream contour really defines and carves out features more than a powder, but it can be kind of tricky for beginners.  If you are really daring then definitely jump right into the cream kit and just practice using it to find what works best for your face.  If you want to start a little easier, Anastasia Beverly Hills has the same kit in powder form which is also just as amazing and a lot easier to get the hang of for beginners.  If you are going to use this cream contour kit, you can scroll down to the picture below for reference on where I apply the product.

For concealer, I take the color banana from my palette and I apply that in a upside down triangle shape right under my eye.  How much product I use is all dependent on how dark my under circles are that night.  I start with just one coat then blend it out and will just keep adding layers until I get the desired brightness I am trying to achieve under my eyes.  

For the contour portion I use the shade cinnamon from my palette. To apply this it is important to make a thin line on your shadow portion of your cheek bone.  So what I like to do is make the fish face and see where my shadow is so that way I can accurately apply the line.  Then I take the wet beauty blender and with the very tip and I pick up product from my palette. I then apply with the tip of the beauty blender, a straight line right over where my shadow is.  To blend it out keep using the tip!  This is very important because if you switch to the thicker part of the blender, then you are going to be blending out the line in a way that makes it look thicker.  When you work on your forehead you want to apply it in a C shape from where you cheek line ended.  Use the thicker portion of your beauty blender to apply more product to the forehead.  Scroll down to see an example of how I apply my contour in a C shape.  

I know I touched on this earlier, but I find application to be a lot easier with a wet beauty blender.  It really helps liquify the cream to allow a smoother application on your face.  Then I go over it again with the Morphe E8 to buff it out and give it a nice blended finish.

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 IT COSMETICS #227 ($28.00)

MORPHE E41 ($23.00)

To tan/bronze up my face I use two bronzers, the NYX Matte Bronzer and the Rimmel Natural Bronzer.  These bronzers are affordable and apply just as nicely as high end bronzers.  I am constantly reaching for these so if you are looking for an affordable bronzer give these a try first, you will not be sorry.  

I start with the darker, NYX bronzer and take my angled IT Cosmetics brush to go over the contour lines we blended out earlier.  I do this because I feel it really completes the cream contour, giving it a little bit more depth and sharpness. We want a darker shade for this portion because we are still working on finishing and defining our contour.  Still try and keep the lines smaller and apply the NYX bronzer in the same spots I explained earlier for the contour.  Refer back to the picture at any time of where I show all the areas of application of the contour.

 Then I use my big fluffy Morphe brush and apply the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in our contour areas (refer to picture above).  The point of going over our contour areas again with a more natural bronzer is to make the look of our contour more subtle.  After going in with cream contour and then a darker bronzer our face can look a little harsh.  To settle this down I like to take a natural light bronzer with a bigger brush to go over the same contour areas we did earlier to give my face a more natural look.  Now you have the defined lines of the contour, so then when you go over it with a natural bronzer it leaves you with a more sun-kissed, bronzed finish.  This step really pulls the look all together giving you a more natural, flawless finish.  Then to prevent our face from looking way darker and disproportionate to the rest of our body, I like to pull down the lighter bronzer onto my neck and chest just to make everything look seamless and like it all flows well together.

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MORPHE M530 ($10.00)

If you have not been able to tell by this point, I am obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Once you find a good brand, you just never want to leave and that is how I am with her products.  

I am now just adding some blush from one of the Trio Blush Palettes.  I apply that right above where we contoured directly over my cheekbones.  To find the the top of your cheekbones, I smile and then apply it right on top of my smile.  Try not to pull the blush back towards your hairline like we do for contour, but instead apply it in a circular motion on top of your smile  

I absolutely love this blush and is my go to. The color that I always reach for is the bottom color shown in the picture below.  It is a beautiful coral color that accents the cheekbones very nicely.

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MORPHE M438 ($10.00)

And last but not least, we have to glow on a night out! LOL….

I usually will reach for my Glow Kit because it is absolutely amazing, but a few notes to know before purchasing.  I only use the two lighter colors.  The two darker colors do not go on very nicely for a lighter skin tone (bronzed and tourmaline).  If your skin tone is darker, you might have better luck with those colors. Whenever I use the darker colors, it looks overbearing on my face.  I know this palette is $40.00 so you want to get the most out of the palette so that might play into your decision of whether or not to get this one.  I know at Ulta they have this same kit in lighter colors so if your skin is on the fair side you may want to try that over this one, but this one works just as well.

To apply this product we must go sparingly.  This highlight is very pigmented so when applying this product to my brush I like to give it a tap before applying it on my face. To find your highlight line we want to go to the highpoint of the cheekbone.  So when we found the cheekbone for blush that was the actual cheekbone but for highlight we want to go slightly above that to the higher point of the bone. With a light hand, start to apply the product on the highpoint of the bone with a swiping back and forth movement pulling the product along the whole bone taking it back to the hair line.  Add product until you get the desired glow you are going for.  For me I usually apply twice to get the desired look.  In the bottom pictures below you can see an example of where I put the highlight and how I applied it to the higher point of my cheekbone.  For this specific look I used the shade SUMMER.

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To finish up the look go ahead and do your favorite eye makeup and finish your eyebrows and you are ready to go!  Hope you enjoyed the post, final look pics posted below. ?

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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Written by: Marissa Elise

Copy Editor: Alexandria Diane

Check out my Instagram: @beautybyriss2



  1. February 4, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    That foundation truly looks amazing from the comparison photos, that’s insane! Thank you for sharing your look ? X

    • February 4, 2018 / 9:27 pm

      thank you so much for your kind comment! πŸ™‚

  2. February 4, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    This is a wonderful post! Our routines are very similar

    • February 4, 2018 / 11:45 pm

      thanks so much! and thats awesome πŸ™‚

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