Hover over any photo in this blog to find out info about the product!!  Stay reading until the bottom to see how I combine my favorite highlights to get an amazing, pigmented highlight.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter

Link to purchase through Amazon: Maybelline New York Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter, Medium/Nude Glow, 0.67 fl. oz.

Link to purchase through Maybelline: Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter in the Shade Iridescent 

You can also purchase this at your local Ulta or drug store in your area

Review: Honestly, out of all my highlighters this is probably one of my favorites which is amazing considering its only 8$.  Maybelline did an amazing job with this highlighter because it is so pigmented.  Out of all my highlighters, including my high end ones, this is by far the most pigmented highlighter  I own.  If you are on a budget I would seriously give this a try because it’s nice on your wallet and comes out super beautiful on your face.  I wouldn’t recommend this though for an every day look considering it is so pigmented, I use this more for a night out or when I am going for more of a statement look.  Maybelline does have this highlighter in different colors so if you are looking for an everyday highlighter I would check out their site and other options.  Underneath this review you will see the swatches one is with flash and one is without.  Application is the one thing that keeps me from saying this product is 10/10 amazing.  It’s extremely creamy and really easy to smear it in the wrong places so be wary of this when applying this product. Less is really more with this highlighter.  The bigger the amount you start with the harder application will be for you.  The pictures below are only one swipe so you can easily see how pigmented this highlighter really is.  So final question is should you buy this product? Answer YES! Super budget friendly, very high quality, and perfect for a night out.

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated

Link to purchase From Urban Decay Website: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated 

Link to purchase through Amazon: UD Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face & Body LUMINOUS – 100% Authentic

I have this highlighter in both Lit and Luminous, if you want to get it through their website it comes in three shades and you just hover over the shade options and choose the one you want to buy!

Review for Lit: This highlighter definitely swatches a lot darker than luminous.  I would describe it to be a more bronze shade. I like this one because it looks really nice on tan skin and would be perfect for the summer time.  Personally I believe this shade really makes your bronzer pop and if you are going for a sun kissed look this is the perfect bronzer for you.  Although it is a darker shade, I feel like it blends well making it perfect for an every day look or can be built up to make it bright for a night out. Application of this product is a lot easier than luminous.  You definitely don’t need to layer it to get a good result.

Review for Luminous: The swatch of luminous definitely swatches a lot lighter than lit but personally I think it is bolder and has a lot more shimmer.  After a few layers of this it builds into a beautiful bright highlighter.  Luminous is also amazing for your collar bones.  I will use this a lot on a daily basis to highlight my collar bone to really make them pop.  The only bad thing I have to say about this product is it does take a few layers of the product to get a nice look and it sheds all over your face.  When I use this highlighter people often tell me my whole face looks glittery where I feel Lit stays more packed together and doesn’t have as much fallout.

Deciding between the too? Honestly it’s all about what you are looking to use it for.  Both have amazing perks but if you want a more everyday, bronzed look I would go with Lit.  If you are looking for something more bold, and bright for going out I would get Luminous.

NARS LAMU Hilighter

Link to purchase through NARS: NARS 

**Unfortunately they don’t make LAMU for the multipurpose stick anymore but I left the link and you can pick a similar shade.

Review: This stick is really cool because it is actually a multipurpose stick.  You can use it for your eyes, face, lips, etc.  Personally I find that it is best used as a highlighter.  The color is so gorgeous and with tan or light skin and is really beautiful for an every day look.  Pigmentation is amazing, I usually only need one swipe and I just take the stick and lightly draw a line down my cheek bone.  I really am loving the consistency of this.  It’s just creamy enough where it makes blending so easy and doesn’t smear all over your cheek.  I wouldn’t say this is a necessary product but if you are looking to splurge a little then i would recommend it!

I have been loving this because it works so well with the Lit bronzer I talked about earlier.  It works nicely as a primer and together they really enhance each other.  As you can see below, the two combined really complement each other beautifully to give you a deeper highlight perfect for a summer day.


Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Link to buy through Benefit: Girl Meets Pearl

          Link to purchase through Amazon: Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl Full-sized

Review: This has to be one of my favorite highlighters out of the whole group.  It is super shear as you can see below but could be built up to be a lot brighter.  It is perfect for an every day look since it is so shear but could also be layered for a more bold look.  Also I think this highlighter photographs well.  I get most of my compliments in pictures when I am wearing this one.

My favorite way to finish this one off is to pair it with my Urban Decay Illuminated Luminous highlight powder.  It really just finishes off the cream highlight and makes your highlight really stand out.  I love this combo for weekend nights out!

I know this is a super long post, so if you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading! XO.


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